Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rotten Politics

As a citizen of Indian, today was one of the most shameful day as our own chosen leaders made the parliament a cattle market. During our freedom fight with the British .... 'bapu' told us to be true and they we behave these days... i think we need to find a new word to explain it.

" Scams are no longer restricted to financial swindles, and scamsters no longer believe in remaining incognito. Today’s scamsters are “confidence tricksters” (con-men) in the truest, most literal sense of the word: they exploit the confidence of the public, they sell themselves as heroes defending national security, as messiahs bringing relief from flood and famine."

In a nation where hunger is fast acquiring national dimensions, scams relating to foodgrains are a truly national phenomenon. We hear about scam after scam; enquiry committees are constituted; those enquiries are brought to a boil from time to time, and charge-sheets are framed to suit political needs – but never is there any indictment of the scamsters.
as there is systematic protection of scamsters, there is also a systematic avoidance of all attempts to ensure transparency and public scrutiny.

" Is such deep-rooted corruption just a moral crisis that can be resolved at the ethical level alone? Or is it rather a symptom of a ruling system that is insulated from and totally insensitive to the masses of working people in the country? When successive governments have no compunctions about imposing policies that intensify starvation deaths and farmers’ suicides, is it surprising that they siphon off food intended for hungry people? Only greater and more effective genuine democracy and accountability can really be an answer to corruption."
(courtesy : www.cpiml.org)

Today the cash was thrown in the most sacred place of this country -"The Parliament". do any of these people who we elected to represent us know what he is doing ? why he is been elected. how many really worry about this country. i think more and more of these kinds of questions should arise in the mind of socalled " common man". Because , if not it will be too true to oneself. The day common man get to think positive about all this and understand that these are his own problem, then we may have some better day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paradox - The Philosophy

Sitting with cup of tea in most evenings looking at the front lawn i keep wondering the way this world is been built up .... do we, humans really have all the credits? i don't think so ... we are yet define a no of things which we see in a day to day life. Yet we boast ourself s as the makers of this world - clearly a logical paradox.
The life so strange we don't know yet why things happen the way it happens....?
Why every day is different....?
The more one think the more questions one should get.... and strangely everything leads you in t o a world of paradox.as i was discussing with father last day... one of the few intellectual discussion as i would call it... we were on technology. The world has gone into an era of technology.. and we clearly take support of it every possible place right from a battery operated tooth brush to the space technology.
We all remember or rather i should say that we all conveniently forget our ' Puranas' or ancient history or epic as we call it. The Vedas to the Ramayana and Bhagavat gita, yet to be completely discribed. The concepts used in that era is still holding its value and more. It always gives you an insight of self and gives you an opportunity to better oneself every time one reads it.
Let us go back to the technology, the Ramayana describes about the 'Pushpak Vimana ' of Ravana which is yet to be conceptualized in this most modern era as we call it. We sadly only have reached to the level of 'Vimana' the plane as we call it. The vehicle of Ravana could move from place to the other with the power of thought in other words mind power which we are unaware off.
In this time of the most modern era, lets have a retrospection about our life and put an effort to understand the concepts. Let us live this life of Paradox logically.......